Abhilash G
Assistant Professor (S.F.)


Abhilash G is a faculty member and a VFX compositar at SH School of Communication. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Animation & VFX and has also worked in the film industry. He has worked in movies Avenjers, Bahubeli Dangal, Addu,Ezra, Pulimurugan etc. He has also been a part of many advertisements and his other areas of experience.

He has worked as creative director in Magical touch creations, VFX compositor in Ultrarice 3D, VFX Copositor in Keyfream Animations etc

He has worked as a 3D faculty at Arena animation Palarivattom, assistant professor of Animation and VFX in Mes college Marampally He graduate B.sc Multimedia and Postgraduate in Visual Communication